About Our Company

Aurelius E-Learning is an integral part of Aurelius corporate solutions which provides high-end technology & techno functional webinar based online training sessions to our end customers who wish to hone their skills & improve the knowledge related to the choice of training opted by them.
Incorporated in the year 2009, Aurelius Corporate Solutions has its registered office in New Delhi and its Head Office in Noida. With branch offices in Chile and United Kingdom we have our roots strongly rooted in not just the industries of the Indian Subcontinent but also the global Industry through our knowledge partners and industry relations.

We are a leading global technology company specializing in In-house Training, Conferences and Master classes. Our objective is to make Aurelius Corporate Solutions accessible over the globe at reasonable costs and an exceptionally well disposed vehicle of conveyance, which is profoundly versatile and powerful. We pride ourselves on being an autonomous International Events, Conferences and Trainings provider for over 10 years now with a huge client base of 1000 plus corporate customers, majority of them being Fortune 500 companies. Aurelius has presence in Europe, Asia and South America wherein it gives top of the line in-sourcing solutions and provides its services like Worldwide Master classes, Global Conferences, Trade shows, In-house Training Classes and Business Events, in around 30 countries. Aurelius Corporate Solutions provides a platform where people share their vision and make their passion grow into new opportunities for networking, connect, collaborate & increase business probabilities and discover possibilities.

What do we do?

Aurelius E-learning is a paid, live portal based training management system in which the end customers as per his skill set & requirement could opt for the required training sessions as per his or her choice. The portal itself consists of loads of knowledge enhancing course contents which will help increase the skill set & improve the productivity of our end users in their sphere of interest. We help in providing our customers a very robust LMS(Learning Management System) which consists of detailed course contents involving audio visual aids for better learning experience & assimilation. Aurelius E-Learning provides a pretty vast range of trainings related to Internet Of Things(IoT), Microsoft Azure, Cloud Computing with AWS, DevOps Plus, Data Science with Python and so on. Currently we cater to 12 categories of high-end functional & techno-functional training with many more in the pipeline.

Who do we cater to?

We cater to professionals in the field of technology who would like to increase & hone their skills and accordingly create a value add to their company and/or projects. We also provide webinar based live online trainings to companies who would like to train their set of employees and in turn increase the company productivity at large. This state of the art training platform is open for all those customers who would want to create a niche in the market & in-turn become the MVA(Most valuable asset) in their organization.

Our Customers